/ Sildenaxyl 100 Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

Sildenaxyl 100 Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

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Brand: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Dosage: 100mg/tab
Active substance: Sildenafil
Pharmaceutical Form: Tablets
Quantity Per Box: 20



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Sildeanxyl 100 with its active substance Sildenafil (viagra) is the product used to treat man's erectile dysfunction. It works by increasing blood flow to the penis and its effect lasts to 4 hours.

Sildeanxyl 100 acts as a selective inhibitor of cyclic GMP (cGMP)–specific phosphodiesterase type 5, resulting in smooth muscle relaxation, vasodilatation, and enhanced penile erection.

Users of Sildenaxyl 100 may experience such side-effects like headaches or stomach disturbance. Vision changes such as increased sensitivity to light, blurred vision, or trouble telling blue and green colors apart may also occur.

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