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Mesterolone British Dragon

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Brand: British Dragon
Dosage: 25mg/tab
Active substance: Mesterolone
Pharmaceutical Form: Tablets
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Details to Know to Use Mesterolone Tablets

Mesterolone tablets are classified as androgen components available for treating androgen deficiencies among men. This is a male-sex hormone base tablet and so, only men are considered compatible with the compound. This compound is used to treat the men whose bodies are incapable of generating enough androgens. It is known to be related to male fertility even though the use is considered controversial. This is an oral compound.


Mesterolone tablets are used to treat male fertility issues and so, they commonly act as androgen receptors. It is already a 5-alpha reductase. It does not have androgenic adverse effects to affect the hair, skin and prostate gland. 3-alpha HSD formation in the skeletal muscle tissue has made it a similar component to DHT and 17-alpha-methyl-DHT that tarnish the anabolic and androgenic potency of the component. The comparison of anabolic and androgenic prowess is counted based on the anabolic-androgenic ratio of basic male hormone testosterone. These tablets do not tend to create estrogenic effects in the body and so, they do not have progestogenic activity.


Even though not much prominent, the component Mesterolone still consists of certain amount of hepatic effect on the body. The hepatic metabolism is a common feature of most of the oral dosages for 17-alpha alkylated AAS compositions. This component also has a very high affinity for SHBG, which may eventually concentrate “free”-testosterone and displace endogenous testosterone in the male body.

Uses of Mesterolone tablets

Mesterolone tablets are used to treat male hypogonadism. This is a condition when the male body fails to produce enough testosterone. This may occur for a number of reasons, but using Mesterolone tablets the issues can be overturned. It is suggested to take the medicine same time on each day and the medication should be continued and discontinued according to the suggestions of the experts. Double doses or overdoses are strictly restricted. The elimination half-life for the tablets is 12 to 13 hours and the excretion path is urine.


The concerns the users need to follow regarding the use of Mesterolone tablets are related to their physical histories of liver or kidney issues, epilepsy or migraine problems, diabetes and many other issues may be troublesome. Allergic reactions may also trouble the users as well. The AAS drug has its metabolism in the liver and so being hepatic may be a big concern for the users.


25mg tablet of Mesterolone should be taken according to the norm set by the experts. This is good to use as 50 to 100Mg for 2 to 3 times a day (maximum dosage) for having better results. Patients with known treatments for gynecomastia should be cautious with the use of these tablets.

Legal status

Mesterolone tablets are considered potential AAS and FDA considers it as schedule III substance in the USA and Schedule IV substance in Canada, which should have controlled use under proper surveillance. In many other countries, this is considered as a Schedule H substance, for which the using norms for the same is stricter than average medical components.

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