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Letrobol British Dragon

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Dosage: 2.5mg/tab
Active substance: Letrozole
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Letrobol Tablets: Eliminating the estrogen related effects

The Uses

This anabolic product helps to maintain the normal level of testosterone and it provides an effective fertility treatment for men. It belongs to the substance group of aromatase and it effectively blocks the conversion of androgen to estrogen. In the process any possibility of adverse effect is eliminated. As it has been observed letrobol tablets helps in fat reduction and promotes a dry and hard appearance of the muscular structure during the vital preparation period prior to a competition. It is also useful in the treatment of hormone related breast cancer in women after menopause. The blocking of the estrogen effects is the key to this treatment. It is also successfully used as an anticancer  medication in case of the women whose ovaries are removed.It restores the natural production of testosterone in a short time, so the bodybuilding process is not hampered.


The strength sports persons are quite particular about the estrogen related undesired effects, for example, water or fluid retention is not desirable. Now, letrobol tablets block the estrogen effects to a good effect. During the Post Cycle Therapy it is required that the natural testosterone production is restored. This product effectively helps in that process because naturally testosterone restoration may take several months.Now, advantageously for the strength sports persons such restoration is effected in a short time, so the muscle building process and any completion are not hampered. In the medical field this product blocks the production of estrogen in the ovaries to eliminate the cancerous effects.

Dose and cycles

Compared to the other anabolic products the dose of letrobol tablets is much lower because its main function is to block the estrogen effects. For the strength sports persons who are already completed a cycle of an anabolic product the specialist suggest to take .5 to 1.25mg every 2 to 3 days during the developing stage, this dose may reach up to 5mg per day during the competition period.

 Mode of functioning

Generally speaking concerning letrobol tablets, the aromatase inhibitors block the process of conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It is very effective during the Post Cycle Therapy because it helps in preventing any estrogen related side effects. It also has a sobering effect on the cholesterol level so the liver is not strained. After a cycle is complete letrobol tablets helps in stimulating the suppressed natural testosterone level. In fact, after any cycle is complete then it takes several months so that the natural production of testosterone is restored at the optimal level. As far as its use as an  anticancer medication in the case of women it has been observed that when estrogen production is uninterrupted after menopause then this product effectively block such production.


In the case you take letrobol tablets you should discuss with the specialist about the medications you are already having and the type of diet. Substances which are toxic in slight overdose may interact. This product may not be applicable to women who have not reached the menopause stage. Medications in the group of cytochrome should be avoided.


It has been observed that letrobol tablets are quite effective in cancer treatment for women after menopause. In the strength sports sphere, it has been effectively applied to block the undesired estrogen effect, if any, after any particular cycle is complete. It has been found to be the right kind of Post Cycle Therapy supplement and no way water retention come in the way of the muscle building process. It effectively blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the case of anabolic products. It is effective in pre-competitive preparation period and useful as a side effect preventer.

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