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Prevention of Brest Cancer with Exemestane Application

The tablet exemestane is sold with the brand identity of Aromasin, and it is the best medication for the treatment of breast cancer. The drug belongs to the group of antiestrogens with the name of aromatase inhibitors. Aromasin has the capacity of synthesizing estrogen. The drug exemestane blocks the spread of estrogen, thereby treating breast cancer at the initial stage.

What is exemestane tablet?

Exemestane tablets are the right solutions for breast cancer. The medicine is usable for hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. The condition is perceptible after the stage of menopause in women. Using exemestane can help lessen the chances of cancer relapsing.

There are certain breast cancer types which can be multiple fast due to the presence of the natural hormone estrogen. Exemestane suppresses the immensity of estrogen, and this reverses the growth and spread of breast cancer. However, it is best not to have the medicine at the childbearing age.


The drug interaction in case of exemestane can change based on the effects of the medicine. More than the prescribed dosage can cause adverse effects in humans. When having the drug, you should check with the other regular medicinal intakes.

 Before the doctor prescribes you a dosage of exemestane talk to him and informs him about the rest of the drugs that you are having. It will help the doctor determine the dosage rightly. In case there are chances of any adverse interaction, the physician can think alternatively. However, you should never change, start or stop the dosage of exemestane without the approval of the physician.


There are clinical trial results noticeable at the 2011 American Society of Clinical Oncology in short known as ASCO. It is clear at the annual meeting, that aromatase inhibitor exemestane is common in the treatment of both the advanced and usual stages of breast cancer.  It can, in reality, reduce the risk of the condition of invasive breast cancer.

Most women have the risk of developing the disease at the postmenopausal stage. Three years of continuous intake of exemestane can help evade chances of cancer. Still, there may be the requirement that you keep on extending the dosage as recommended by the doctor for safer and persistent results.

How to use exemestane tablets

Careful usage of exemestane is sure to yield good results in time. Before using the medicine, you must go through the leaflet caring details regarding how the patient should have the medicinal intake. In case you have doubts, it is best to consult the physician in time. You should take medicine orally once in a day along with food.

It would help if you had exemestane regularly for the best physiological effects. To maintain the schedule, you can take medicine at a specific time each day. It is sure not to cause a break in the cycle. You can absorb the drug utilizing your lungs and skin. Thus, the solution is not recommendable for pregnant women. In case you feel uneasy after having the drug, you should refer to the doctor at once.

Dosage Cycle

According to the acuteness of the condition, the prescribed dosage of exemestane is 25 mg PO qDay. It is essential to retain the dosage until the progression of the tumour. The medicine is also right for the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer. It is best to switch to exemestane after completing a course of tamoxifen.

Most of the medical guidelines will suggest that exemestane is an alternative to tamoxifen. The prescribed dosage of the same is 25 mg PO qDay for a continuous period of five years. There can be modifications in the dosage based on the acuteness of the cancer conditions in women.

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