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Oxydrol British Dragon

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Brand: British Dragon
Dosage: 50mg/tab
Active substance: Oxymetholone
Pharmaceutical Form: Tablets
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Oxydrol Tablets – Uses and Contractions

Oxydrol tablets are known for restoring the health factors in a proper way. The lost muscle mass can be restored by proper consumption of AAS like Oxydrol tablets. These oral pills are one of the most effective oral components categorized as steroids and should be taken upon the advice of the medical experts.


A prominent agonist to the androgen receptor is not considered as a substrate for 5-alpha reductase due to its 5-alpha reduced structure. It can be considered as a poor substrate for 3-alpha HSD. Oxydrol is a DHT derivative and not a substrate for aromatase. Due to this, it does not have aromatase components that cause gynecomastia and other estrogenic effects. The potential time for Oxydrol half life is up to 14 days to 1 month. The recent observations seem to vary from one to another individual. The metabolism of the oral component is in the liver.


Oral dosage of the Oxydrol tablets is well absorbed with oral administration. This component (Oxymetholone) has lower affinity for SHBG. It metabolizes in the human liver by the oxidation at the C2 position and reduction at C3 position, while hydroxylation of the component takes place in the C17 position, followed by conjugation. The C2 Hydroxymethylene group of Oxymetholone cleaves to form 17-alpha-methyl-DHT.


Oxydrol tablets are actually based on Oxymetholone, which is a 17-alpha alkylated oral AAS that promotes strength gaining with excellent myotrophic activity index that stands on 3.2 as similar to testosterone and androgenic activity index with 0.45 that can effectively boost the body against the prominent muscle wasting disasters caused by HIV, cancer and many other diseases. It can also boost the body against pediatric growth impairment, alongside damaged myocardium. However, the success rate according to the dosages would vary upon the patients.


The daily dose for Oxydrol tablets would be about 5mg to 20mg, which should be administered into various divided doses in a day. The promotion of erythropoiesis blood indexes should be monitored carefully concerning the development of policythemia. Prior to use the medication the use of the blood thinners should be curbed upon the advice of the experts. The effective dosage for the component would be about 1-2mg per KG per day. Adverse reactions should be noticed and addressed accordingly during the dosage period.

Adverse reactions

The consumption of Oxydrol tablets should be maintained with care to avoid the contractions and potential harm like stroke, abnormal dependency on the drug, withdrawal symptoms, tiredness and various other mental health related issues alongside physical challenges. Oxymetholone is a known hepatic and so, a person with hepatic history should refrain or consult with experts prior to consume Oxydrol tablets. Water retention in the body is another prominent yet most ignored symptom to be concerned about that is caused due to adverse reactions of the component. The adverse hepatic effect of the tablet may cause serious troubles to some of the users. The 17-beta alkylated setup is a strong component that eventually passes through the liver and the process affect the body with hepatic adversity.

Legal status

FDA considers Oxymetholone, the basic component for the Oxydrol tablets, as a Schedule III drug and so the advices of the experts are required prior to consume them.

Oxydrol tablets are available in the pharmacy stores as well as on verified online platforms.

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