/ Halotestex British Dragon

Halotestex British Dragon

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Brand: British Dragon
Dosage: 10mg/tab
Active substance: Fluoxymesterone
Pharmaceutical Form: Tablets
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Halotestex Tablets: Providing a lean body structure and perfect precompetitive preparation

The Uses

Generally speaking halotestex tablets are derivatives of testosterone with high androgenic and mild anabolic property. It enables increased strength and growth of muscles. Advantageously it is not converted into estrogen, so there are no undesired effects like water retention and fat accumulation. Along with muscle mass gains it enables to burn fat substantially so that you can attain a lean body structure. In the medical sphere, it has been successfully used in the treatment of androgen deficiency in men, muscle wasting, malnutrition, breast cancer, burn complications, lean tissue repair and bone fractures. The community of strength sports persons have benefitted due to the tissue repair and bone fracture repair property. It is known for increasing raw body strength without building a lot of muscle mass. It has been found effective for the cutting cycles a few weeks prior to any competition.


As it has been observed in the case you take halotestex tablets, then the normal growth is induced as the male sex organs are developed. The secondary sex characteristics are developed. At the same time muscle developments can be observed without the undesired estrogen effects.

Dose and cycle

It has been found that in the case you take halotestex tablets for the performance enhancement purpose, then the dose can be 10 to 40mg per day. The community of strength sports persons finds that a dose of 20mg per day is quite beneficial. Regarding higher dose you should consult a specialist. In order to treat the androgen issues the dose should be 10 to 20mg per day.

Mode of functioning

It is scientifically true that concerning halotestex tablets the key factor is maintenance of a positive nitrogen balance. In the process an increase in protein anabolism is noted while there is a decrease in protein catabolism. Now you should remember that in the case of sufficient intake of calorie and protein the nitrogen balance is improved.Moreover, as it is not converted to estrogen so there is no undesired effect like water retention and fat accumulation. The androgen increases the production of red blood cells so the oxygen flow is uniform in the blood steam.As a result the physical endurance increases.


In the case you take halotestex tablets then you should discuss with a specialist regarding the medications you are already having and the food habits. The medications for diabetes and anticoagulants may interact.


In the medical sphere halotestex tablets have been successfully used for the treatment of androgen deficiencies, breast cancer, burn complication, bone fracture, malnutrition and muscle wasting. For the strength persons it not only provides physical strength but also the sense of positive aggression needed in high voltage power sports competitions. That is the reason it is very effective during the pre-competitive period and at the time of the event. It has been observed that a few weeks use can provide the needed physical boost at the time of competition. Now as in the case of bodybuilders they have to follow a strict diet and at some point it becomes difficult for them to carry on the training schedule then this product comes into true effect. It also provides the much needed hard look at the time of stage performance. It provides the much sought after lean body structure for the community of strength sports persons.

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