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Brand: Dragon Pharma
Dosage: 50mg/ml
Active substance: Stanozolole
Pharmaceutical Form: Aqua Suspension
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Winstrol 50 Inject – steroid from Dragon Pharma company, designed for the rapid increase in the volume of dry muscle. This anabolic burn excess of body fat and, in addition, strengthens your skeletal system (due to the high content of phosphorus and calcium in the formulation). Because of its chemical composition, this anabolic does not aromatize into estrogen, so one may remove the need to take anti-estrogens on the cycle. The great advantage of the drug is that it does not retain water in the body of an athlete, for this reason, the muscles takes a better shape. These advantages make popular this type of steroid among athletes who want to improve their strength and endurance.

The active substance of Winstrol 50 Inject is Stanozolol. This anabolic is also known as Wonny. Initially, the drug was used for medical purposes, to be exact – for the treatment of anemia and accelerate the regeneration of the body after surgery. Later Winstrol 50 Inject began to be used in veterinary medicine, as it can increase appetite and increase lean muscle mass. Today athletes and bodybuilders want buy anabolic steroids because of these qualities.

Winstrol 50 Inject confidently holds the leading position on the pharmacological market. Stanozolol injection, from reviews, is more effective than oral. Winstrol 50 Inject special feature is that its active substances have a short half-life, so to get the maximum effect from Stanozolol solo it is recommended daily injections.

Winstrol 50 Inject Effects

qualitatively dry muscle mass;
well traced relief;
burning of subcutaneous fat;
a significant increase in strength and endurance of an athlete;
maximum results in minimal time without flavoring and water retention in the body.

How to Use Winstrol 50 Inject: Dosage, Cycle, PCT

Using Winstrol 50 Inject on cycle to increase endurance of athlete and getting quality muscles, it is worth remembering some of the recommendations:

The cycle duration should not exceed six to eight weeks.
The first injection do with a minimum of substance (10 mg), during a week the dosage increases.
To improve the efficiency of Stanozolol solo, injections are made daily.
For male athletes it is recommended to take 50 mg;
In the last week and a half of the cycle, dosage is reduced to the minimum allowed (10 mg).
PCT is held after two or three days after the completion of the cycle. For treatment you can buy Clomid or Nolvadex.
Winstrol 50 Inject is not suitable for women, as it can easily cause virilization. Sport pharmacology for female athletes should have a softer effect without the risk of side effects on the male type.

Winstrol 50 Inject Combination Cycles

To improve the effectiveness of the cycle, can be combined with each other a few drugs. So in order to gain muscle mass, you need to buy Testosterone, Dianabol or Oxymetholone (strong androgens). In such a combination, Winstrol will balance the cycle and reduce the androgenic effects of other steroids.

If the athlete keeps to a diet for losing weight or getting ready for a competition, then Winstrol 50 Inject on cycle can be combined with a non-aromatizing androgen. For such a combination is perfect Trenbolone. About this combination with Stanozolol there are positive feedbacks, because after it muscles become rigid and get a nice relief.

Winstrol 50 Inject Reviews

As shown on Winstrol 50 Inject reviews, 85% are satisfied with the quality to gain weight, and 86% support minimum rollback phenomenon. Overall Winstrol 50 Inject reviews, reaches 90%, which confirms its effectiveness as a solo cycle and on the combined ones.

To enhance the effect of the cycle with Winstrol 50 Inject, use low-calorie diet with high protein content. About the Stanozolol cycle, athletes’ reviews are mostly positive, since the drug does not cause side effects if you follow the recommended dosage. In the case of self-increasing dose or duration of the Winstrol cycle, are inevitable side effects (primarily this steroid can affect the liver).

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. For adults only.

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