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Trenbolone Forte SP-Laboratories

SKU: SPL-Tren-E-200-vial
WAS: $130
NEW: $92
Brand: SP-Laboratories
Dosage: 200mg/ml
Active substance: Trenbolone Enanthate
Pharmaceutical Form: Oil Suspension
Quantity Per Box: 1



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Trenbolone Forte 200 is a new form of trenbolone, recently developed. This product is a new form of Parabolan, only uses trenbolone enanthate ester instead of hexahidroxilbenzilcarbonat. It is an effective product that resembles trenbolone acetate but has a slower action in the body, it is released slowly into the blood compared with trenbolone acetate, and is a good choice for too frequent injections.

Trenbolone enanthate acts in the human body blood for 2 weeks after the last injection.

Beneficial and negative side effects are similar to those of trenbolone acetate. The recommended dose is 150-300 mg per week. A trenbolone enanthate cycle lasts from 7-10 weeks, expects on this period to increase fat-free muscle mass, more strength reduces body fat and forms a rough muscle appearance. It is a steroid that can easily combine with other steroids depending on the desired result.

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