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Aquabol Suspension British Dragon

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Brand: British Dragon
Dosage: 100mg/ml
Active substance: Testosterone
Pharmaceutical Form: Aqua Suspension
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What is Aquabol Suspension? Uses, Interactions, Side Effects and Storage

If your physical appearance is an asset in your profession and you would like to give more attention to it, Aquabol Suspension is the ready answer to all your needs. The main male hormone in the human body is testosterone. Aquabol suspension is used to alleviate testosterone levels. Your body mass will increase, and it will support the growth of healthy muscle.


The discovery and synthesis of testosterone took place in the 1930s after which physicians gave them for numerous purposes. They are grouped as anabolic and androgenic. Aquabol Suspension is an anabolic steroid and a natural androgen. Dissolution in water gives it distinctive characteristics. The most noteworthy part of it is that it gets absorbed very quickly and starts acting by one to two hours.

Tiny particles of suspension are visible with naked eyes, and after a few days, they sink to the bottom, leaving the clear solvent and water on the top. It is injectable, and the process itself is quite painful. The effect of this medicine stays for one to two days. For best result, it should be frequently taken.

Conversion of testosterone contained in this medicine to dihydrotestosterone and estrogen takes place. Androgens or AAS are therapeutically used as a stimulant to enhance muscle growth. Combined with proper appetite and vigorous exercise, this leads to an increase in lean mass and weight gain. Its unit contains 100mg/ml of the drug. 

Uses of Aquabol Suspension

This medicine is injected into the muscle by trained health care professionals in a clinical setting or at hospitals. As this medicine also leads to the inducement of puberty, it is also prescribed for children who are only twelve years of age in selected cases, subject to precautions.

This medicine can be used in restricted cases, especially where the victim does not have cancer, heart disease, lung disease or, prostate cancer enlargement. The dosage of the medicine should not be normally missed.


The possible interactions of this medicine may be oxyphenbutazone, propranolol, medicines that treat or prevent blood clots, medicines for diabetes, steroid medicines like prednisone and cortisone. In addition to it, the person who wants to take this medicine should not take alcohol or be a smoker.


This medicine should be kept away from the children’s reach. It is not an addictive drug. Its abuse should be prevented. This medicine should not be shared with anyone. Buying or selling medicine without the medical practitioner’s permission is punishable by law.

Aquabol Suspension for increasing Body Mass

Aquabol Suspension is a unique prescriptive drug which is used by Bodybuilders and Sportsmen. It acts as a great stimulant for increasing body mass and weight. Its dosage should be taken as directed by the medical professional. If taking medicine causes extreme side effects then you should visit a doctor immediately. It requires careful storage and maximum protection.

What to Keep in Mind?

In case you have any allergic problem, make sure to consult with the pharmacologist before having this supplement. In case there is a history of stroke and blood clots, it’s better to avoid consumption of this particular product.

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