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Somatotrobol British Dragon

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Brand: British Dragon
Dosage: 10IU/10vials
Active substance: Somatropin
Pharmaceutical Form: Powder
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Somatotrobol:The insulin like growth factor

The uses

It is a synthetic version of human growth hormone which plays a significant role in the growth of bones and muscles. It is used for the treatment of underdevelopment complications in children and adult who lack growth hormone. The complications like Noonan Syndrome, Turner Syndrome and short stature at birth all these complications can be treated. It is also effectively used to treat short bowel syndrome and it has also been found effective in regaining AIDS related weight loss. The strength sports persons effectively use this product for muscle recovery and during the preparation period prior to a competition.


The insulin like growth factor becomes effective in the treatment of children and adult with growth deficiency. At the same time this factor is also responsible for quick muscle recovery and muscle growth.

Dose and cycles

In the case of medical treatment nature of complication has to be judged. You should take the help of a health care professional in the process of administering this injectable product. The dose depends on your age, body weight, medical condition and the response to treatment. In the case you miss a dose then do not take two doses at one time to make up. In the case you miss three doses then you have to consult the specialist. In the case of overdose you may have side effects like joint swelling, high blood sugar, vision problem, unusual headache and ear pain. In the strength sports sphere this product can be effectively stacked with another product for proper muscle development and performance enhancement. For medical use the dose is 1 to 3 international units per day for male and for female it is 1 to 2 international units. In the strength sports sphere the dose is 2 to 4 international units per day. In the off season period the male sports persons can use 6 to 8 international units per day only after consulting a specialist.

Mode of Functioning

It functions by sending a signal to the cells in the muscles, bone and fat tissue. This signal promotes muscle growth by increasing gluconeogenesis. It also promotes insulin resistance so excess fat is burnt properly. This product effectively increases the rate of metabolism so the muscles and bones grow considerably. The insulin like growth factor (IGF1) affects every cell which is essential for muscle recovery and bodily functions.


You should not use this product in the case you have diabetic retinopathy, severe breathing problem, pituitary gland disorder, cancer and overweight. You should consult with your specialist. Birth control pills, oral diabetes medication and hormone replacement medications may interact.


In the medical field, it has been found to be quite effective in the treatment of growth deficiency complications. In the strength sports sphere, it is not only effective for considerable muscle development but also for fast recovery. In the case you have any muscle injury, then it will be healed quickly so you will not miss your training schedules. The post workout recovery is quite fast. It effectively used in the off-season by the strength sports persons because of less fat gains in this period. It becomes quite useful during the cutting cycle when preparations are made for any competition. In this period, it enables the strength sports persons preserve more muscle tissues and provides protection from injury during the training sessions. It has been used for image improvement as it slows down aging to some extent.It is an organ friendly product,side effects occur in case of overdose only.

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