5 Key Exercises for Mass Growth

May 24 2022

Studies show that the exercises with the greatest effect on the production of testosterone and growth hormone are the deadlift and the barbell with a jump up. The other exercises, especially the isolation ones, have much less effect. Taking into account that the barbell lifting with a jump up is a difficult and potentially dangerous exercise, it is not recommended to beginners and moderately trained athletes. In addition, it is difficult to perform it with large weights.

Lifting deadlift



The deadlift is the number one exercise for muscle growth. If you do not do any other exercises, you will still see the result in the form of muscle mass growth, since this exercise engages the maximum number of muscles.


After performing just 5-10 technically correct repetitions with big weights you will understand that the deadlift also develops the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The main thing is to learn how to perform this exercise with a barbell first, and only then move on to variations.


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The barbell squat is a key exercise for you to have powerful legs, starting with the quads of your thighs and ending with your calves. In addition, with the right technique, even the shoulder and abs muscles get involved.


It is very important to learn how to perform this exercise technically perfectly, using the smallest weight, and only then move on to the barbell or variations in the form of a leg press in the simulator. Remember that the meaning is not in the large weight, but in the technique.


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Bench Press

Despite the fact that the bench press is not one of the "big three exercises", it also affects hormonal levels and is the most important exercise for the development of chest muscles. It also engages the triceps and shoulder girdle muscles.


In order to learn how to do barbell press correctly, you must first learn how to do push-ups correctly, then it is recommended to perform the movement without weight and standing, feeling the work of the chest muscles, and only then move on to training with a barbell.


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Pulling the Bar to the Waist

The barbell pulling to the waist is the most important exercise for the development of the back muscles, and that is why it is considered as a basic exercise. When performed correctly, it also works the shoulder muscles, pectoral muscles, forearms and hand-holding muscles.


As in other cases, the technique of this exercise is perfected while performing it with a medium weight of the barbell. The barbell pull or simplified variations such as the dumbbell bent-over waist pull are quite different exercises with different mechanics.


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Standing Bench Press


Standing Bench Press

The standing barbell press is said to be the most effective exercise for working on the shoulder girdle muscles, improving posture and strengthening the abdominal muscles. Because of these qualities, the standing barbell press is also considered a basic exercise.


While performing the exercise, you must concentrate on ensuring that the body does not lean forward or backward, and that the abs are as tense as possible. Remember that large weights can be traumatic and never lower the bar behind your head.


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It is not the exercises themselves that influence the growth of muscle mass, but rather the production of testosterone and growth hormone caused by them. By performing basic exercises correctly, you are working all the muscles of the body, and even those that do not seem to be included in the movement.

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