Olimp (Poland)

May 04 2022

Sport nutrition brand description Olimp Olimp sports nutrition (logo) Distributors: "Sport-Express". Full review of sports nutrition{{brand}} Olimp is a Polish manufacturer of sports nutrition, founded in 1990. Olimp sports nutrition is produced in modern laboratories with a high degree of automation. The company conducts research on the creation and development of new sports supplements.

Manufacturer's description

For the production of sports nutrition Olimp uses the purest raw materials, which are subjected to constant quality control. Not a single drug that has not passed this control is not sent for further processing. Our own production lines enable us to keep the cost of finished products down, which guarantees their affordability to any group of people. The range of finished products includes protein blends and isolates, gainers, amino acid complexes in different forms, preparations containing creatine and much more. Protein bars made in the form of a small candy are in good demand. The bar combines a highly effective protein blend with a convenient form of use. The product line is complemented by excellent vitamin complexes. The optimal combination of vitamins and micronutrients ensures their excellent absorption and high effectiveness. Researchers from the company Olimp work daily to improve the quality of products. Today Olimp sports nutrition products are considered as one of the best and have won the hearts of thousands of athletes from all over the world, which is in no small measure contributed by the low cost of products.



Review by Sergey Tatischev:[1]


Olimp became known in our country not so long ago. However, it has already gained its audience due to a rather active marketing policy. It should be given credit - the supplements are in demand, there's nothing to criticize the quality. The range is fairly simple, but - all the most necessary things are present. Many products contain collagen, which is especially valuable for joints and ligaments. In addition to collagen in the range there are such specific products as coenzyme Q10, Omega 3 fatty acids and zinc.


Rating of sports nutrition manufacturer Olimp:


Price. 5

Quality. 6

Innovation. 4

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