Mar 04 2022

Getting rid of excess subcutaneous fat (unless you resort to liposuction) - it is very difficult, requiring considerable effort. At least - so it seems. Meanwhile, those 10 steps to a slender figure, which we are today ready to offer your attention, are nothing difficult to imagine. And to follow them is not that very simple, but not at all difficult. But the results are very noticeable. Shall we try it?

Step 1 - Eat more often


Simply get used to snacking all the time. If you can't eat something, have a pre-made protein shake or a meal replacement. It is both tasty and healthy. Eating small portions and often, you will not "overdo" blood sugar levels, and thus the release of insulin will be insignificant. It is only after the workout insulin is useful, in a "normal to o" this hormone is likely to turn most of what you eat into fat, and the increased level of insulin affects the heart is not so great.


Step 2 - Eat slowly.


It's been seen for a long time that people who eat fast tend to accumulate fat more quickly. Carefully chewed food, you not only "help society", but also better absorb it, and faster satiety.


Step 3: do not throw sugar in your tea and coffee, give up rolls and cakes


"Fast" carbohydrates combined with fats, of which a large proportion are harmful trans fats - that's what all of our favorite cakes and pastries are. It's just a "bomb" combination for gaining fat! No, once or twice a month one can allow oneself to "go wild" and eat a couple of pieces of something "sweet, yummy". The rest of the time... If you want something sweet, put some apricots in your mouth, they are tasty and useful. Yes, by the way, both tea and coffee without sugar only taste better. Get used to drinking it that way - you won't be able to with sugar anymore.


Step 4: Drink more water


Try to drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day, better even a few more. But only exactly water, not beer, which will be discussed below, or sugary carbonated drinks. Water not only fills the stomach, helping to dull the sense of hunger, but also itself is a fat burner. It may be weaker than, for example, metformin, but it is still very effective. Also, drink a lot of green tea, because it is definitely not a weak fat burner!


Step 5: Give up beer.


Not only does beer contain absolutely empty calories, but it is also quite good at stimulating the appetite. So in the next round of amber drink you risk stuffing yourself with kilocalories that your body does not need. Beer poses another danger for men: the substances it contains have an estrogenic activity and provoke an increased deposition of fat in the abdominal area.

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