Zhanna Rotar

May 24 2022

Zhanna Rotar is another high-class Slavic export following Anna Kournikova. Today in the United States she is jokingly referred to as "Zhanna Kournikova," alluding to a similar high status in bodyfitness. Zhanna's parents emigrated from Ukrainian Chernivtsi to America when she was barely 16. She went to school according to the local custom in August, not knowing a single word of English. But it was no accident that in her home country she was listed among the top students. A year later she spoke as much English as her classmates.


BIRTHDATE: August 2, 1980

PLACE OF BIRTHDAY: Chernivtsi, Ukraine

LOCATION: California, USA

height: 163 cm

WEIGHT: 58 kg - off-season, 55 kg - competitive


2005: U.S. Body Fitness Championships, 1st place;

2006: Sacramento Pro, 6th place;

San Francisco Pro, 4th place;

2007: Colorado Pro, 7th place;

California Pro, 8th place.


As you can guess from her history with mastering English, Jeanne has a tenacious and persistent nature. She got straight A's in high school and, unlike other Ukrainian immigrants who timidly dreamed of becoming a shoe saleswoman or a waitress, she enrolled in college. She studied there for three years and received the highest graduation mark, which gave her the right to enter a higher education institution. Jeanne chose the political science department at the University of Washington. Here, in the middle of her studies, she finally decided to return to sports, her longtime hobby, which she had willy-nilly forgotten due to the troubles of settling down in her new place.


In Chernivtsi, from 7 to 11 years, according to the fashion of those years, Zhanna was seriously engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, and then she moved to ballroom dancing.


In the world's first socialist state, which included Ukraine, such dances were no longer a pleasure and turned into a sports discipline. After attending school, Jeanne barely had time for a snack and rushed to dance practice. They lasted 4-5 hours, and Jeanne would return home after dark. Later, her parents sent Jeanne to music school, so the piano was added to the lessons and dancing.


Today Zhanna says that in dance classes, where she studied, and then organized parent meetings and mercilessly sang to the backward children. The higher authorities, in turn, did not spare the teachers. It would seem that the good in the rabid mushtra? However, when Jeanne, becoming a student, showed her skills as a dancer American choreographer, he only helplessly threw up his hands: teach her, they say, nothing more.


And yet Jeanne could not return to dancing. In the United States, dancers are in a lot of competition. In fierce competition that leaves no time and energy for anything else, the best get professional status and lucrative contracts. Well, this is a completely different fate. Jeanne, who in those days dreamed of becoming a political scientist, sighed sadly and went to the student fitness club, not yet knowing that she was taking a step toward fame.


At the gym, she met a trainer, who on the first day noted her genetic advantages and advised her to compete in body fitness competitions. Their joint preparation for the tournament, where Zhanna became a medalist, unwittingly grew into a close relationship. A year later, Jeanne's future husband became the owner of a large fitness club and made her his business partner. Previous plans were forgotten, and Jeanne plunged into the new world of fitness. In 2005 she won the All-American Body Fitness Championship and received a professional card. In addition, the victory opened the doors of the modeling business to her.


What's next for her? Perhaps the Miss Olympia crown.





Goal: Quadriceps, biceps of the thighs, glutes.


Start: Stand up straight, holding a barbell on your shoulders. Place your feet shoulder width apart, toes turned to the side. Tighten your stomach.


Execution: Keeping your back straight, slowly lower yourself in a squat until your hips are parallel to the floor. At the same time move your pelvis back as if you want to sit on an invisible chair. At the lower point of the movement, make a short static pause and straighten up with a powerful dynamic effort.


Note: Begin the squat lift "from the head. Imagine that a giant has his arm around your head and is pulling you up, forcing you to straighten up. Don't lower your head. Look straight ahead.


Super tip: Use a barbell with a short barbell. This will make it easier for you to keep your balance.


Jumping Lunges on a Support


Jumping squats on support

Goal: Quadriceps, biceps of the thighs, glutes


Start: Place one foot on the support and assume a squat position on one leg.


Execution: Keeping your back straight, switch legs with a powerful explosive movement. Lower into a squat position on the other leg. Resist body inertia to prevent a hard landing.


Notes: This exercise is more effective than traditional lunges because it provides a strong stretch to the working quadriceps at the start.


Super tip: Instead of alternating legs, do all the repetitions on one leg and move on to the other.


Jump squats.


Jump squats.

Goal: Quadriceps, thigh biceps, glutes


Start: Stand up straight. Spread your legs wide apart. Put your hands together at your chest.


Execution: Lower into a deep squat, keeping your back straight. Keep your head straight, too. Jump up with a powerful explosive effort. Land softly and drop back into a deep crouch.


Notes: Dip into the squat as low as possible. The deeper the starting position, the more explosive the legs will be.


Super Tip: Over time, add ankle weights or wear a weight belt.


Romanian pull


Straight leg pull


Lifting deadlift

Goal: Quadriceps, thigh biceps, glutes


Start: Stand up straight. Place your feet narrower than your shoulders. Hold the barbell with a short barbell with straight arms at your hips.


Execution: Keeping your legs straight, slowly bend over and lower the bar to the floor. At the lower point of the amplitude, pause briefly and feel a strong stretch in the muscles at the back of your thighs. Slowly straighten up.


Note: To relieve unnecessary stress on your lower back, round your back slightly as you bend over.


Super Tip: Occasionally perform this exercise in a superset with leg bends sitting or standing.

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