Balkan Pharmaceuticals

May 24 2022

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2007. In January 2009, it registered and offered the first batches of Ukrainian medicines, and in October 2010 Balkan Pharmaceuticals achieved the right to supply medicines to public health institutions in Moldova. At the same time, the company began investing in the development of its own production complex in Singera.

At present, the company produces 127 types of medicines, including 29 items of anticancer drugs, 21 - hormonal drugs, 15 preparations with beneficial effects on the nervous system, 16 preparations for cardiovascular diseases, 13 - against gastrointestinal diseases, 14 drugs with anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects etc.


Balkan Pharmaceuticals has all required certificates, documents and licenses, according to the legislation of the country and is a fully legal pharmaceutical company complying with GMP standard.


More information about the factory can be found on the site of the manufacturer (www.balkan


Today on the market of pharmacology there are many underground players who counterfeit known quality manufacturers and BP is not an exception. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is constantly trying to counterfeit, but the manufacturer wants customers to be confident in the products and so now all the products are released with verification codes for originality. Now you can easily check Balkan Pharma products for authenticity. To do this, use the verification form on the website The verification number should be entered in the same way as it is listed on the ampoules, not forgetting about the letter case.


Reviews of Balkan Pharmaceuticals


Reviews about Balkan Pharmaceuticals are mostly positive. On the network, you can find a lot of feedback about the high quality of the products of this manufacturer in comparison with its relatively low cost. Sometimes, there are negative comments from people who inexperienced bought a counterfeit product and sin on the genuine manufacturer. The company is aware of the responsibility that it carries and therefore has a strict policy against counterfeiting. In order not to become a victim of fraudsters you should buy products from proven sources, in well-known online stores, because such sellers buy products directly from the factory Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Buying products from Balkan Pharma, you are guaranteed to get a high quality, effective drug at an adequate price.


You should keep in mind that many drugs, even of high quality, can cause side effects, so the unwanted effects of taking potent drugs, especially in inadequate quantities, can significantly distort the experience.


You can also watch Vadim 'Do4a' Ivanov's Balkan Pharma video series about steroid manufacturers. At the beginning a little bit about his recent health problems, his relationship with the FGCN and his attitude to steroid use. From minute 12, the story of the company's history and what it is today begins. The report on the drug analysis can be seen from 20:40 (the amount of active ingredient in all the drugs is as stated, so the positive reviews of Balkan Pharma are quite justified).

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