Mar 03 2022

This is a unique system for determining your genetic capabilities. With it you can find out: What maximum results you can achieve in bodybuilding without anabolic drugs How close to your physiological limit How you should train to get the best out of your body Accuracy of Results


The Body Expert system has the highest prediction accuracy (over 90%) because


All algorithms are developed by scientific experts

The system uses not one but six calculation algorithms

It is based on formulas created by Casey Butt, MD during 6 years of research.

To improve accuracy, the system also analyzes muscle length (classic test).

It takes into account the presence of diseases, body fat percentage and real progress.

Nota Bene! Many people do not trust the accuracy of such algorithms, citing the example of some professional athletes, whose data do not correspond to the results. However, do not forget that almost all athletes in professional bodybuilding take anabolic drugs, which allows them to achieve such results.

Ankle circumference




Ankle circumference is measured with a centimeter tape at its narrowest point. If you don't have a centimeter tape, you can use any string or thread. Wrap the string around your ankle, fix the length and measure it with a ruler.


Wrist circumference




The circumference of the wrist is measured in the same way as the circumference of the ankle, as described in the paragraph above.


Test for the ratio of fast and slow muscle fibers

Click here: Test for the ratio of fast and slow muscle fibers


You need to perform the test as described in the article in the bench press and biceps curl.


Determining the percentage of body fat

Go to the link: Body Fat Percentage Determination


Determining biceps length

The figure shows the distance from the beginning of the biceps to the forearm. The measurement is taken with a ruler.




Bend your arm at the elbow at a 90-degree angle.

Place the ruler at the elbow so that it rests on the forearm.

Tense your biceps.

Feel with your finger the transition of the biceps ligament into the muscle itself (you can feel it even in poorly trained people).

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